A properly prepared submission is important to expedite the process at PSA. PSA has gone on record to state that submissions not placed in semi-rigid cases may delay the process. We feel it is essential and include this as part of our service. If cards are already prepared, we send them in without touching them.

Vintage sleeves are important, they are larger than a standard card sleeve, this helps eliminate the chance of dinging a corner while placing the card in the sleeve. It also allows additional space at the top and when properly placed in the semi-rigid case, allows the sleeve to be easily extracted.

Card Saver I (IV for thick cards) are the standard we use when available. They have been the recommended semi-rigid case by both PSA and BGS. They have had limited availability recently, so we have also grown to like the BCW version.

The BCW SR1 semi-rigid case is a great alternative to the Card Saver I. We have found very little difference between these brands and recommend either based on availability and cost.